Domestic-Use Double-Sided Window Washer

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Product Overview

After years of filmy residue and chalky streaks, you can now have crystal clear windows with the help of this Double-Sided Window Washer! Not only does it help you scrub the outsides of your panes without risking a fall, but they can also save you time and effort by wiping the insides simultaneously.

With the use of this powerful magnetic system, it allows you to clean the interior and the exterior of your windows following the same path. This also features a triangular design that helps you clean window corners more conveniently.


  • DOUBLE-SIDED MAGNET: The internal magnet locks both sides of the cleaner together so the cleaning surfaces will move in the same path
  • STRONG ABSORPTION FORCE: Effective for single glazed windows with 3 - 8mm thickness, which is suitable for usual domestic uses
  • FAST & SAFE: Equipped with a safety rope to prevent falls and breakage, you don't have to extend your arm to the exterior parts of your glass
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: The innovative triangular design will help you get to hard-to-reach corners and edges

  • It comes with soft padding to better absorb cleaning detergents
  • This can be used on any glass surface including shower screens, mirrors, patio doors, car windows, etc.
  • All you need is warm water and plain detergent to clean the desired surface
  • The built-in water storage sponge ensures that you won't need to add water repeatedly while cleaning windows

How to Use:

  • Rotate to open window cleaner
  • Soak in water to allow the sponge to absorb moisture
  • Add a little detergent to the cloth
  • Put the safety rope on your hand
  • Place the 2 parts on both sides of your window and start moving the one on the inside to clean, and the outside part should move along


  • Material: ABS + Natural latex + NdFeB magnet
  • Weight: 530g
  • Scope of Application: 3-8mm single glass
  • Style: triangle or square

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Double-Sided Window Washer