Meat Thaw Chopping Board

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Product Overview

Thaw Frozen Meats In 30 Minutes Or Less!

It’s time for you to cook food for the family, only to find out that you need to defrost your chicken. Thanks to Miracle Thaw, a process that would normally take 24 hours can now be done perfectly in minutes.  You will never leave the family waiting again!

From carefully collected feedback from professional chefs around the world we created the perfect product for your kitchen. A conductive tray that sucks all the cold out of your frozen meats, defrosting it in under 1 hour.


The secret is the conductive metal. Allowing for perfectly thawed meat every time. 

All it takes is two simple steps:

  1. Lay your frozen food on the tray.
  2. Let the Miracle Thaw take care of the rest.

If you want even faster thawing, simply run the tray under hot water before use.

Suitable for all frozen meats:

  • Red Meat (Takes 30 Minutes)
  • Poultry (Takes 12 Minutes)
  • Fish (Takes 15 Minutes)
  • Pork (Takes 15-20 Minutes)
  • Vegetables (Takes 10 Minutes)