New-In Ceramic Waver Curlers-Your own hairstylist

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Product Overview

Easy operation without skills required 

♦ Create Your Daily Beautiful Hairstyles, Just 15 Minutes

♦ Suitable For Any Texture of Hair

150℃/160℃----Delicate, dyed or damaged hair
170℃/180℃----Normal and healthy hair
190℃/200℃----Rough or naturally curly hair

♦ Help Novices Choose The Right Temperature With LCD Display

Just press the curler together over the strand of hair for a few seconds. and slowly move away from the roots to the ends, do the same with the next strand of hairs. Novices can use the LCD monitor to choose the right temperature they want.

♦ Fast Heat-Up

Fast heat up with PTC heater, heats up to 210℃ in the 30S, Temperature adjustable between 80℃-210℃ with LCD display.

 Intelligent System

Auto-Off after 30mins no operations. Freely set the temperature with a clear LCD display. Novices can clearly see the temperature change from the display.10℃ as a level.

♦ Anti-tangle Design

Designed with anti-skid handle and anti-scald top, 360-degree rotatable swivel with 7ft/1.8m power cord, easy and safe operations for home and salon.

♦ Hair Repair&Curing

The material of the barrel is aluminum alloy, adopt tourmaline ceramic technology, and release large amounts of negative ions, reducing the damage to the hair.

External Material: High-temperature resistant ABS polymer resin plastic
Heat Conductor Material: Tourmaline ceramic
Temperature Control: 80-210℃ adjustable, 10℃ per level.
Product Voltage: universal voltage AC110V-240V
Product Power: 105W, 130W
Heating Plate Length: 15cm
Body Length: 33.5cm
Product Color: Pink
Roll Type: 25mm
Package includes:1*curling iron+1*Instruction


1⃣The hair should be completely dry and combed thoroughly and divide your hair into strands with a comb before use.
2⃣After plugging into the power, push the switch into the gear you need, heat for about 1 minute.
3⃣Take a strand about 2-inch wide between the forefinger and middle finger, press the curler together over the strand of hair for a few seconds.
4⃣Slowly move away from the roots to the ends, do exactly the same with the next strand of hairs.
5⃣You may need to separate strands in thick hair with hair clips.
6⃣After using, cool it down for at least 15 minutes and then store it away.