Wall Hanging Flower Vase

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      I love having fresh flowers in the house, but I often find it difficult to find a place to put the vase that isn't in the way. My kitchen island is a great spot, until it comes time for meal prep. They look beautiful on our dinner table, but then when it comes time for dinner we have to bob and weave our heads to try and have a conversation across the table...I'm looking for a place that is just right - somewhere I can enjoy my flowers and not have them get in the way at the same time - is that too much to ask?! Thanks to this silicone clinging vase the answer is NO! This genius little gem has solved all my problems (well...all my flower display problems…) by letting me display my flowers ON any smooth surface.

      Able to cling almost anywhere you have a 5.9 square inch smooth surface, you can find a spot that will give your little buds just the right amount of sunlight while letting you enjoy them without needing to worry about them getting in the way! Made of white silicone, this vase will also go with any decor you have going on. 


      This vase will work on any smooth surface you have. Some examples include:  windows, mirrors, refrigerator, cabinets, tiles, glass doors, etc… Though some types of paints on cabinets will prevent the silicone from clinging properly.


      • Silicone flowers vase lets you put flowers anywhere
      • Clings to any smooth surface
      • Water totally contained, so you can move with water still in it
      • Displays flowers and plants
      • 5.9 square inches large
      • Comes in white so it will go with any decor
      • Reusable - This wall planters can be removed and used repeatedly. You just only need to clean its back and the surface you want to stick to



      • Material: Silicone
      • Function: Wall Vase
      • Style: Modern
      • Package Weight: 0.065kg (0.14lb.)
      • Package Size: 22cm x 22cm x 4cm (8.66in x 8.66in x 1.57in)



      • 1 * Magic Traceless Silicone Flower Vase